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Twitter is the most popular of the leading social community networks

Posted on 3rd February 2010 in Gossip, Interesting Stuff
Written by: Andy Wickes

A recent survey by New Venture Publishing conducted with 107 PR professionals found that Twitter is the most popular of the leading social community networks (SCNs) and interactive sites for online PR. It narrowly beats YouTube, in second place, and Facebook, in third, as a preferred online PR tool.

But the survey finds that no SCNs or interactive sites are yet rated as very important for PR use. On a scale of one (not important) to five (very important) the PR pros rated top-ranking Twitter at an average of only 2.96. YouTube scored 2.88 and Facebook 2.73. LinkedIn was on 2.4, Flickr on 2.1, MySpace on 1.76, Bebo on 1.67 and MSN Messenger on 1.59. Ecademy on 1.53 and Xanga on 1.47 brought up the rear.

Overall, the PR pros rated “making use of social community networks” as only thirteenth out of fourteen possible online PR priorities for the future. It came behind front-ranking issues such as “integrating online with other PR activity” and “developing online PR expertise in-house”.

The findings are pretty much in line with our strategy at Jellybean irrespective of whether clients are operating in B2c or B2B market. What is essential for success is to ensure that all your marketing communications are totally integrated, cogent and interrelated so that you harness every opportunity to engage the consumer to build and cement your relationship. Managing an online presence via e-newsletters, blogging, social news sites, blogging, e-networking and social community networks and running a website media centre is only part of the mix and the “whole is stronger than its component parts”.