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“I wonder what it would be like to live like a …..Hamster???”

Posted on 2nd December 2009 in Funnies
Written by: Jess Sewell

Yes, I did say Hamster and now, your childhood pondering can come to a reality by visiting Hamster Villa in Nantes, France – the clearly completely crazy designers decided what people wanted was adventure – so for 99euros per night, you can feed on Hamster grain, sleep on a bed of hay and – you’ve guessed it – exercise on their human size hamster wheel!!!! Apparently the cost is due to rise shortly in order to cover the ever increasing demands of the humble hamster to include Wi-Fi and Plasma TV!!!! On launching the specialized room in the 18th Century Building, the owner – Frederic Tabary – came dressed as – yes, you’ve guessed again – a hamster!!!!!!!!!!!!!