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Super Tea

Posted on 24th November 2009 in Insight, Interesting Stuff
Written by: Gemma Buckley-Roberts

I’ve always been a firm believer that a cup of tea can help make things a little better. Today a study has revealed that tea can actually stop flu!! Here is a list of other health benefits from drinking SUPER TEA the science boffins  have claimed over the years…

Tea ‘stops the flu’

Tea drinkers have lower blood pressure

Tea can lower cholesterol

Tea may help heart disease patients

Green and black tea can slow down the spread of prostate cancer

Tea may protect against cancer caused by smoking.

Green tea and white tea fight colon cancer

Hot tea may lower risk of some skin cancers

Green tea consumption may lower stomach cancer

Green and oolong teas reduce risk of hypertension

Tea believed to boost the body’s defences

A green tea component helps kill leukaemia cells

Drinking tea might delay Alzheimer’s Disease

Tea may play a role as an AIDS fighter

Knowing this… the  Jellybean office should be the epitome of good health with all the Twinings tea we get through!

With thanks to for their tea studies insight.