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Fresh vs. Frozen

Posted on 17th November 2009 in Gossip
Written by: Nicola Cunningham

It’s an ongoing debate – which is better, fresh or frozen food? But now it’s been proven that even those with sophisticated palates can’t often distinguish the difference. A recent study commissioned by the British Frozen Food Federation found the taste and texture of frozen foods as good as, if not better than fresh. 32 chefs from leading bistros, pubs, restaurants and hotels in the North West recently took part in a blind taste test, using samples of matching fresh and frozen food – with produce ranging from wholemeal bloomers to tuna steak. Asked to score the food’s qualities, including texture, consistency, saltiness, sweetness, acidity and appearance, the frozen foods often achieved a higher overall rating than the fresh. And with frozen food often providing real money-savings, maybe it’s time we all took another look in the freezer.