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Replaced for a quicker model

Posted on 18th August 2009 in Gossip, Industry News
Written by: Jess Sewell

The unthinkable has happened – the Irish have fallen out of love with the potato… It’d be like the French tiring of snails or the Italians of pasta!! Year-on-year sales data shows a sharp decline of 19% by value and 18.4% by volume. It is believed this un-thought of scenario is largely down to other staples, such as pasta and rice, being perceived as more convenient and quicker to cook. Whilst the English are now used to microwaving potatoes, the Irish tradition is and remains boiling. The industry is being advised to provide “quick cook” recipes and to highlight the versatility of the previously much loved vegetable!!!!

Adapted from a news item in The Grocer – 15 August 09