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What consumers want is what consumers get!!

Posted on 31st July 2009 in Industry News, Insight
Written by: Andy Wickes

What consumers want is what consumers get!!

I thought blog readers might be interested in a new report by Mintel that has reviewed all new food and beverage product launches in Europe over the past year. It identifies that consumers have an increased focus on three issues: the quest for all things natural, the need for speed, and the avoidance of allergens.

These three priorities have jumped into the top 10 list of product claims, joining the likes of ‘low fat’ and ‘low sugar’, which have remained popular over the past five years.

The data, from Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD), has tracked just under 90,000 new European food and beverage product launches from Jan 2008 to June 2009, highlighting the 10 most frequently used claims in descending order. Plus the report highlights the changes in the top ten list over the past five years as food companies have responded to changes in consumer priorities and purchasing habits.

June 2004 – 41,000 products
1.Fat (low/no/reduced
3. Microwavable
4.No additives/preservatives
5.Vitamin/mineral fortified
7. Children 5-12
8.Sugar (low/no/reduced)
9. Organic
10.Calorie (low/no/reduced)

June 2009 – 90,000 products
1. No additives/preservatives
2. Organic
3. Vegetarian
4. Microwavable
5. Sugar (low/no/reduced)
6. Fat (low/no/reduced)
7. Premium Children (5-12)
8. Allergen (low/no/reduced)
9. Time/speed
10. Gluten free Calorie (low/no/reduced)

It seems that premium and low fat products are less important to us as are products targeting children or vitamin fortified or low calorie which have dropped off the list completely.

The UK emerges as leading the way in European new product launches topping the list in half of the categories identified with product launch claims as follows: no additives or preservatives (3,465), Vegetarian (4023), Microwaveable (1226), Low/no/reduced allergen (1039) and Gluten-free (903) during the period. ‘Organic’ was a claim most popular in Germany (2,180), followed by the UK (1,321) and interestingly it is our French neighbours who lead the way in wanting faster food!!!