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Mythbusters 002

Posted on 7th July 2009 in Insight
Written by: Andy Wickes

You only have three seconds to get your users attention.


Again, this is what we can term a ‘legacy’ expression, and load that with all the sneer and disdain it deserves. Once upon a long ago, before broadband and Flash and video content and all the immersive technologies we have nowadays to engage our users, we were told that if we provided boring content and flat graphics, users would leave our site after 3 seconds.

Whilst this sentiment is not a bad one, it is not quite as severe as that. With an immeasurable amount of websites on offer, we need to work hard to attract an audience, and to keep those we already have, but a three second rule is hardly representative of most peoples habits and speaks poorly of most site owners.

We are now better adept at presenting engaging content on our home pages and of informing users via feeds or e-marketing of updates to that content. We are also more aware now of the need to tailor content to different users based on the device they are using, as well as providing content to users based on interests expressed.

And to cap it all, the advances in search have meant that more people are finding relevant content, and are less likely to leave our site as it does not meet their search criteria.

So relax a little, put away the stopwatch, and get back to work in 3, 2, 1…..