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Day Four in the Jellybean House

Posted on 11th June 2009 in Gossip
Written by: Sam Rooke

For those who don’t know me yet I am the ‘Newby’ at Jellybean. It’s 9 am and the sounds of Aha on Absolute radio are floating through the office from the studio, but instead of wishing it was 9 minutes until the end of the day (as I have done for the past 6 months), I find myself flicking on my computer and opening my job book with a smile on my face…for those of you, who haven’t sampled the Jellybean experience it is a heady mix of organised chaos , laughter and an overwhelming feeling of busy reassurance.

My first day was a client meeting ‘up west’ and the words ‘deep’ and ‘end’ sprung to mind, but it was a good meeting, with lovely clients and an exciting challenge ahead of me. From day one my to do list is long, varied, growing and more importantly interesting. This is an agency that puts insight and research at the heart of everything it does so today I am learning fast about what sustainability means in the foodservice industry. If you want to find out a bit more about this look out for our June Newsletter!!!

First impressions are promising, the Jellybeans welcoming and it’s nice to know that should I be faced with a task, taking me well past normal office hours (whatever they are), I wouldn’t be left to fend for myself and help would be offered from all angles!

Am not sure if I’ve got a little more rounded at each end and slightly curved in the middle, but I’m certainly left with a sweet taste in my mouth and already feel part of this colourful mix of people and ideas.