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Happy Birthday To Us!

Posted on 1st June 2009 in Gossip
Written by: Fiona Rickard

This afternoon with Sue’s homemade Lemon Drizzle cake and Twinings Tea we celebrate our 22nd Birthday at Jellybean Creative. What a demure lot we are!!  Pub Garden this evening though in case you get the wrong idea.

It’s been quite a journey since the business started in 1987 when PC’s were just beginning to replace electronic typewriters, artwork was sacrosanct as your only precious copy that you panicked might get a coffee spill on it or worse that a client write on with a biro so you had to set it all over again from scratch.  There was no digitally enhanced photography so on a shoot you had to get it right first time and re-touching was an art performed only by specialists.  Couriers were the only safe way of transporting creative, artwork, proofs etc around to different destinations and the internet was not even a figment of our imagination.  We had no mobile phones, no way of keeping in constant touch consequently being late for a meeting was a stressful situation but CB radio was great fun and swept the nation from Golf GTI to Skania truck drivers.  Snail mail was the only established form of communication unless you were content to work with a grainy fax in an emergency.  A 15 page presentation would take half an hour to print out,  consumer research and insight was quite revolutionary thinking versus the established norm of looking at hard sales data and standard socio economic grouping.  Information of any kind needed to be “found” or discovered as there was no instant access to everything on this planet on the net and so we waded through forests of printed matter to find a marketing nugget.  Creative work was scamped by hand and the smell of felt tip pens and spray mount pervaded the studio (amongst other aromas!!)  Account handlers were the “suits” because we dressed for a meeting every day and everyone in the studio sported a pony tail whether they had a full head of hair or not!!  What wonderful days they were in the heady world of agency life when media lunches were de riguer and every new stage of a campaign required a face to face meeting.

Life is so much faster today in every way and everything is virtually instantly available to us all.  But despite all the positive aspects of modern business life we still need quality thinking time to really understand and get under the skin of a product or brand in order to provide a really engaging and effective creative communication solution.  Certainly our business model at jellybean Creative has been ever evolving and re-shaping over the past 21 years to meet new and different challenges and as one who was here from day dot I am still proud of what we do every day and am looking forward to the next decade with relish.

Now I had better go out and get some dosh from the local high tech cash point as the beers are on me this evening.