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Getting the messages right OOH

Posted on 12th May 2009 in Insight
Written by: Fiona Rickard

After 21 years of marketing in the foodservice industry Jellybean has a pretty good handle on what works in this complex and fascinating market. That said we don’t like to rest on our laurels and as you would expect we practice what we preach by basing what we do on industry insight. We want our clients to have the edge on competitors and use their marketing budgets prudently and effectively. That’s why in October 2008 we went to the market to find out which marketing tools best tick the boxes with foodservice operators. This research has given us a unique insight into which pieces of the Marcomms jigsaw are required to implement an integrated campaign in Foodservice. Furthermore it identified at what stage of the buying process each element shifts from being influential to being critical.

This wasn’t just another piece of research into the power of advertising and PR, it went deeper by highlighting which combination of marketing tools needed to be deployed and weighted to greatest effect at different times. We talked to 300 decision makers and influencers across the foodservice market which gave us a robust and representative sample of the industry.

Here are some of the headlines and if you would like to find out more just give us a call:


Reputation is everything! – Without doubt the most influential factor in any market or industry, and borne out in our research, is the power of word of mouth. Customers in our industry, like any other, trust in the views, judgements and intelligence of their peers, colleagues and friends and these of course are themselves influenced by the same tools and personal experiences.

If you’re not on the radar then you’re nowhere! – The first stage in any decision making process is that customers will have a level of awareness of your brand or product and a degree of trust in its reputation. When a caterer is searching for information it is essential that you are top of mind, trade press PR and advertising plays a critical role here as 72% of our sample said the trade press was the most important source of information with trade websites in second place and quickly growing in importance at 43%.

Best in class? – When it comes to your prospect customer evaluating alternative suppliers it is essential that you shout about your product benefits and it is at this stage that a wider range of tools become critical to the marketing mix. Trade press editorial (60%)., advertising (42%) and websites (48%) are still essential, but face to face “selling” via exhibitions (53%) and sales reps (44%) becomes a key dynamic. It is the mix of these marketing tools that is so critical to get right as the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

We’ve led the horse to water… we asked our research audience if they had purchased a business product or service as a direct result of any of these sources of influence in the past 12 months. Their answers showed us the continued importance of the trade press (43% have purchased as a result of a hospitality magazine) and websites (27%) however the clinchers for closing a deal are exhibitions (when customers are able to touch, see, feel, experience and compare different products), sales rep presentation (26%) and 6% as a result of a telesales call.

Peer Pressure and Prizes – 89% of caterers like to know what their peers and similar businesses are doing/using. When it comes to sales promotions they want free product or price promotions way above free gifts or prize draws. And how often do they want you to contact them?? Well generally on a monthly basis to keep them in touch with news, pricing and special offers.

So in summary these are not surprising results but rest assured at Jellybean we know a lot more than we are letting on here about effective foodservice communications!!! Why not get in touch with us we would love to share our knowledge and ideas with you.