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The dangers of getting it wrong! (the power of viral marketing)

Posted on 7th May 2009 in Funnies
Written by: Gary Brazier

The most brilliant piece of viral marketing occurred last week 29th April by accident.

An illustrators agent sent out an html via his address book, but something went drastically wrong and within minutes everyone one on the email list started getting hundreds of emails. What followed was the most hilarious half hour as people replied to all and added their own messages and comments to try and stem the flow.

Recipients were getting more and more frustrated and angry, other recipients were crying with laughter – including Steve and Gary – it was so funny reading everyone’s comments and wisecracks – including:

I’ve had hundreds of emails in a matter of minutes…

Then a competition to see who had got the most.

Lisa Harkins is on maternity leave – people wishing her and the baby well

Should we all meet up for a beer and get to know each other properly?

This is fun isn’t it?

This is better than Twitter?

Is this a virus? Perhaps it is Swine Flu!

How many have you had from me?

Does anyone know a good illustrator?

A great way to get industry email addresses.

For a wonderful few hours, via the medium of email we were suddenly immersed in an online community of other ad creatives, all of whom were relishing in the misfortune of the poor souls who caused the problem in the first place, all of us wise-cracking as each reply went not just to sender, but to everyone.

Several things spring to mind…

How dangerous are emails/htmls if you get them wrong

The illustrator involved will never get an illustration job from anyone on the list

The power of viral marketing!