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New Vitamin allows you to see in the dark.

Posted on 31st March 2009 in Funnies
Written by: Fiona Rickard

Blimey! They have discovered a New Vitamin that really could help you see in the dark. According to 1-Apr-2009, researchers in France have been studying the art of seeing in the the dark – without night vision glasses. Scientists at Universitaire de Mensonge believe they may have found a missing vitamin that could potentially (if taken responsibly) help humans see perfectly with the naked eye in the dark. The myth of carrots has long been dismissed but this is a revolutionary new breakthrough using the hitherto undiscovered vitamin X6. The new vitamin is expected to be on the market in food products and OTC multi-vitamins (once it has received the required authorisations) by January 2011. Opticians are said to be very worried about the implications particularly in these tough economic times.