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Intelligent Analytics

Posted on 25th March 2009 in Insight
Written by: Andy Wickes

It’s not how many visitors you have, but what you do with them…

I hear too much talk of web traffic, purely in terms of:

How many visits am I getting?
What’s my most popular page?
What’s my most popular day of the week?

Analytics packages these days will provide all this information, but far more useful is the ability to interpret these stats into a picture of how these reflect on the user experience of the site:

Is my conversion rate low due to a poorly designed homepage?
Are less popular pages hard to find?
Are exit pages high due to user frustration at poor navigation or over-complex forms?
Are users using internal search engines to look for information that isn’t there?

Once you can look beyond analytics as a measure of the sheer popularity (or otherwise) of your site, and more into how this data can be used to improve the site as a whole, the visits will take care of themselves. Promise!