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Did you know?

Posted on 24th March 2009 in Insight
Written by: Nicola Cunningham

A British Icon
Despite the fact that many more people drink lager than cask ale, a recent survey showed that a third of the UK population believe cask ale is the drink that represents Britain in the same way wine is synonymous with France or Stout with Ireland. A survey of icons of Britishness included cask ale (not lager), and the traditional British pub came in at number three, beaten only by fish and chips and HM the Queen!
(Cask Ale Report 2008/9)

Filled with winning ideas
The most eaten ‘convenience’ food in the world was invented by an English aristocrat with a passion for gambling, the Earl of Sandwich. To ensure he didn’t have to stop playing and to keep his hands clean for the cards, the Earl of Sandwich asked for meat to be put between two slices of bread.