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Testing, Testing….

Posted on 9th March 2009 in Insight
Written by: Andy Wickes

It seems sensible to talk about cross-browser testing seeing as we have just launched a new site. Doesn’t it? Well, I think so.

Cross-browser testing refers to the testing of web pages against a variety of devices and browsers that one might use to view a web page. And not that very long ago this was a simple and quick process. ” How does it look in Internet Explorer?” OK? “Netscape?” Fine. Good. Go live!

Not so any more. We now have IE6+7, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Netscape, Flock, Camino, Blackberry, iPhone, Smartphone, Playstation 3 and so on and so forth. All with their own particular bugs, peculiarities and irregularities. And we have to make our site work perfectly in all of these!

So rather than checking around 60 pages in two browsers, we have checked 60 pages, plus ‘text only’ versions of pages, plus ‘javascript-lite’ versions of pages, totaling around 200 pages in 9 browsers across Mac and PC.

Thorough? We like to think so 😉